Wanted: interface developers

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Wanted: interface developers

Postby hakko » Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:38 pm

Do you use Subsonic/MusicCabinet? Are you interested in pixels, vectors and the latest web technology? Do HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks keep you awake at night?

As the maintainer of the MusicCabinet project (and mainly a back-end developer), I'd love to see more involvement from people with different skills.
· Create a new theme.
· Optimize artist and album views.
· Build a web interface playlist that's fun to use.
· Replace all <frame>s and <table>s.
There's definitely room for improvement, right?

Fork this project, and build the interface you'd like to have yourself. Submit your patches via Github or PM. I don't promise to include everything. But I do promise that it's very satisfying to add and use the features you've been missing in your current music player, on a daily basis.
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