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Postby DDJKSA » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:15 pm


Recently changed back from Madsonic to Subsonic with MusicCabinet add-on (basically to get listing by artists correct for all my compilation albums). Works great with 1 weird problem. I'd like to give access to users to simply browse my listing like an online static catalogue (ie. cannot change any settings, cannot play files, cannot upload or download anything). This was fine in Madsonic but when I create the new user and uncheck all settings in my new installation, I cannot logon as the new restricted user (HTTP Error 403 Access Denied). I can only logon as the restricted user if I check the setting to allow him to play files? (which I don't really want to do as we all know there are loads of third party apps which will capture any streaming audio etc.). Any ideas? Please :)

Just a quick thought - if the debug is problematic, does anyone know how to either hide or disable the web player for specific users?

Thanks again...and just to repeat what a lot of people are saying...Subsonic and all its forks are excellent and a real credit to all the developers. They're either all single or have very understanding partners! :D


EDIT: Is there no-one can help with this....any suggestions or advice on how to do it? Thanks
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