Request about folder caching

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Request about folder caching

Postby dirtdigger » Fri May 23, 2014 8:29 pm

I tried searching for "folder" to see if there was already discussion about it, but apparently phpBB thinks that folder is too common of a word and refuses to search for it. If this has already been requested, let me know!

As you know, it's possible to set up different folders on the Subsonic server, and DSub can detect these and allow you to choose what folder to browse. My request is that whenever remote folders are cached locally, those separate folders are reflected in the local file structure. For example, if I have a folder named "Music" on my server, items in that folder should cached to /storage/emulated/0/subsonic/music (this is the default behavior, so nothing really needs changed here). But if I also have a folder on my server named "Audiobooks," I'd prefer that items in that folder are locally cached to /storage/emulated/0/subsonic/audiobooks instead of /storage/emulated/0/subsonic/music (I prefer to use an external player, Beyondpod, for those and I don't want to have all of my music mixed in with the audiobooks). This would also work well for separating podcasts from music, too, if a user wants that.

Hopefully that makes sense :-) Thanks for the great app!
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