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Video caching and streaming

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:07 pm
by aztech
Hi all,

I seem to have 2 issues with the video caching and streaming from dsub.

1. Streaming - dsub and subsonic is able to stream video fine over WiFi to mxplayer and vplayer and I can see it using about 2.4mbit from my network traffic monitor.

While I am roaming the first 5-10seconds play fine fine then video starts lagging and the video becomes unwatchable. I have tried to down sample the video to 300k (within dsub) but it makes no difference

Which leads me to point 2

2. Caching just does not work in subsonic app for droid and dsub.

It downloads the file but the file does not play in any video player including mxplayer with all the correct codecs.

Everything within the web browser works fine.

Any help?

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