Long filenames

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Long filenames

Postby abat1975 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:40 pm

Apologies if this has been discussed before. Still, the situation is sad for people with long tag / file names. In every list in DSub such songs are shown with truncated title, and i do not know any trick whatsoever to properly figure out what i am listening to.

Ways of displaying the full title could be:
- enable wrapping in song lists
- add file name to "detail" view.

Please help me get back on track with DSub. Thanks!
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Re: Long filenames

Postby daneren2005 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:07 am

The title should already be visible in all of it's full glory from the details view. It is the title of the dialog box, and appears to display multiple lines if needed there.
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