Issue with re-connecting to Bluetooth Connection

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Issue with re-connecting to Bluetooth Connection

Postby norcalscott » Fri Dec 12, 2014 1:40 am

Is anyone experiencing an issue running the latest DSUB (4.8.5) on Lollipop (5.0) (Nexus 5) where:

- Connect Bluetooth audio device to phone
- Start DSUB, play song, everything is fine
- Break in Bluetooth connection to DSUB, like an answered call, or turning off the Bluetooth device and connecting to it again later, or switching to another device (like going from the house/speaker to the car BT system)
- Upon trying to play a song on the re-connected or new Bluetooth device, the audio is very distorted.
- Exiting DESUB and then re-opening it returns everything to normal

This issue is repeatable at will just by disconnecting and re-connecting the BT device.

This does not happen on the same phone or BT device in another player, like PowerAmp, for example. I've tried deleting and re-pairing and it does not seem to have an effect on this.
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