Specific configurations where gapless playback *does* work

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Specific configurations where gapless playback *does* work

Postby mmonacel » Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:34 pm

Hey folks - is there a known configuration where gapless playback definitely works using DSub for Android? When I say gapless I mean seamless playback, no clicks, hiccups, short pauses, etc. in between tracks. Completely seamless. The app lists gapless playback but all reading I've done on this sub seems to indicate that's not really the case. Assuming subsonic is running on a well powered server and I'm running the app on android on a local wireless network where bandwidth is not a problem, what is a sure-fire way to make this work?

I'm on an S7 running Marshmallow. Most tracks are flac with some mp3s thrown in for good measure. Any ideas?
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