Undo for "now playing"

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Undo for "now playing"

Postby ArtW » Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:14 pm

Hello, I'm new here.
Very often I create my playlist on the fly, meaning that that there are some songs in the "now playing" queue and when the queue is reaching the end but still has several songs left I browse my library and add some more. I use either play next or play last as I see fit. Now here is the thing. The tiny popup for the play next etc is right next to the song title and very often I just press and play that one song and wipe out my current queue including any songs I just added. It is very annoying. A simple solution would be to offer an "undo" for the now playing list.
Is something like that possible? Any workarounds and or tips on how to avoid the problem?
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