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Multiple Players

PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:12 pm
by Luterin
I often listen to lots of different things with playlists from my Subsonic server, which is all fine, but now and then, weekly at least, a new podcast comes out that I've subscribed to, and to play that it needs to clear the current playlist, unless I want to append or insert it, but I would prefer to have them as separate things. And it's not just podcasts, it would be nice to be able to switch back and forth between a playlist of music and let's say an audio book.

So I thought about it and came up with that it should be doable with multiple players, and with that I mean the ones in Subsonics Settings->Players. Each app and account requests a new player, and should't it be possible for DSUB to request more than one player, and that way be able to handle multiple "active" things, as a playlist with music, one audiobook and one podcast, all with 3 different players?

This would make my audio life a lot better. :)