Cached opus files do not show in offline mode

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Cached opus files do not show in offline mode

Postby Das Boot » Wed May 02, 2018 6:48 am


Dsub seems to be unable to properly handle opus files (ogg container, either .ogg or .opus extension) files.

It plays any flac-transcoded-to-opus streams nicely (everything works and metadata is shown). However if one loads an album to a cache and then switches DSub to offline mode it doesn’t show any opus songs. It does indicate that there is cached content in the folders (the blue pin symbol) but if one navigates to the folder then “No Data” is shown in the offline mode.

The same cached album plays just fine if used in online mode.

I guess it is probably part of the same problem, but no opus files (extension .opus) are shown in the server if one tries to use DSub in “browse by TAGS” mode. The server files show up (and play) if one browses by the server folder structure.
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