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V8 of AVSub (CarSub) is out - ID3, iPad, Landscape + Video

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:38 pm
by rich600
Hi all,

With V8 of the app comes a new name - AVSub.

Version 8 has the following new features:

- ID3 tag mode support
- iPad natively supported
- Landscape mode supported
- Add Video streaming AND caching via an in-app purchase (I love this feature!)


- Option to pause audio if headphones unplugged/bluetooth disconnects
- Scrobble to Last.FM
- Option to show index letters against long lists

Bugs fixed:

- Orphan files in the cache
- Downloads becoming corrupted
- Reverse playback gestures works again!
- Stop the cache going to iCloud

V9 is underway - I'm adding multi-language support, plus some optimisations. Going to try to add Similar Songs and Similar Artists features too.