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Re: AVSub Outputs True Hi-Res!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:20 pm
by vigotone
The Mac/PC input on the HA-1 is USB "B" (the square-ish plug), so the CCK is necessary. The iOS input is straight USB, and that is where you would use a lightning to USB cable, however it is limited to 24/48, since that is the limitation of all iOS devices. I use both an iPad (the one right before they added the fingerprint sensor) and an iPhone 6S plus,

Hope that explains it!

Re: AVSub Outputs True Hi-Res!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:37 pm
by manwithaplan
Yes, understood...just to be perfectly clear to folks reading this - the statement "24/48 output is the limitation of all iOS devices" needs a little is true, unless you 1. Utilize the Camera Connection Kit or 2. Have a DAC that embeds the CCK functionality inside of it (like the Oppo HA-2) so that you don't need the CCK and can use a simple lightning to USB cable....and then in either case of course you need software on the iOS device that is capable of playing higher bit rate/frequency material and DSD files out the digital out. Luckily, I happen to fit Option 2 there and also am using apps on the iPhone like Hibiki, Onkyo Player, and now AVSub(!) to play high rez FLAC and DSD files.

Interesting follow-on - I just called Oppo and spoke to a guy about the HA-1...I noted the simple USB-A slot in the front lower right of the device that should be upgraded to include the CCK functionality so that people don't have to use the CCK with it anymore (see, I'm fighting on your behalf here Lee!)...the guy informed me that the HA-1 is about 2 years old this spring, and that he says we could expect to see a replacement that might include full pre-amp functionality for instance, but that would also take advantage of the later advancement in the "CCK-less" system that the HA-2 already uses, so that you could simply plug in the front via lightning to USB and get the full high rez output that way.

Fun times, no doubt...