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AVSub - did you know?

Postby rich600 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:55 am

Hi all,

I've been meaning to add this to the website for a while, but here's a list of small features in AVSub that you might not know about. In no particular order.

Subsonic Playlists
Go to the playlists menu and right-swipe on a playlist. Tap the lightning bolt and it will set this playlist as the active playlist. You can now add to this playlist from anywhere in the app - find the track you want to add by browsing your media index, right swipe on the track and you'll see another lightning icon - tap this and the track is added to the active playlist.

Stop Downloads
If you want to stop a download, go to the cache view and long-press on the header. You'll get a popup.

AVSub Playlist
You can get to the now-playing playlist from anywhere in the app by swiping-down on the header.

Similar Artists
If you left-swipe on an artist or track when browsing your media, you'll get a radio icon. This will create a playlist of similar songs.

Create a Subsonic playlist from the current AVSub playlist
Go to the playlist menu and select Create Playlist - you can create an empty one, or one populated with the current playlist.

Background Cache Downloads
AVSub fully supports background downloads, so you can queue up a lot of downloads and put the app in the background.

Activity Spinner
You can cancel the activity spinner by tapping it. If you're playing a track and it starts buffering, tapping the spinner will stop the current playback.

Album Info
When you browse into an album, the top summary is called the Album Info. If you right swipe on this row, you can download the entire album, queue up the entire album or add the entire album to the active playlist. It's also got a left-swipe for Similar Artists

Straight back to main menu
If you long press on the back arrow in the top left, it'll take you straight back to the main menu.

If you long-press (4-seconds) on the Chromecast button on the front screen it will reset the internal Chromecast system.

Digital output of (lossless) audio
If you've got the Apple Camera Connection Kit (CCK) you can stream audio direct to an external DAC. This means you can use AVSub as a digital transport. Audio resolutions of up-to 24bit/192khz are supported an AVSub even supports the studio mastering format DSD.

UI Colour
Don't like AVSub blue? You can change the colour of the UI in the settings menu. You can also disable the blurred backgrounds.

Second Server
You can define a second server in the settings. You can even have AVSub fail-over between the servers if one is not available.

Replay Gain
AVSub supports Replay Gain to normalise volume levels.

Hide Buttons for In-App Purchases
AVSub supports video/jukebox and Chromecast through in-app purchase. There's a button for each on the main menu. However if you don't want these, you can hide the buttons via the settings menu.

Shuffle Subfolders
If you press the "Play/Shuffle Subfolders" button it will play all tracks in the subfolders in sequential order. If you press and hold then it will shuffle them.

Chromecast Video Skip Button Time
You can change the amount of time that video will skip forward and back when casting videos in the settings.

OGG Patch!
Sometimes the length of transcoded OGG tracks is reported incorrectly. This can cause AVSub to think there's more of the track to come when it's actually finished - buffering hell! You can activate a patch to get around this from the settings - "OGG transcode patch".

I'll add more as I remember them!

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