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AVSub 19.2 - new Google Cast + lots of tweaks

PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:10 am
by rich600
Hi all,

V19.2 of AVSub is out now and can be downloaded here -

It's a stability release with the following changes:

- Rewrite the entire Google Cast implementation to support the latest Cast libraries

- Fix large font on 6/7 Plus suggestions
- Reduce number of startup popups
- Improved detection of network connectivity
- Remove unnecessary text in track cells
- Suggestions work in ID3 mode
- Added settings to choose streaming/transcoding options separately for direct downloadig & playback on both WiFi and mobile/cell
- Organised the settings
- Fix bug causing displayed selected folder to lag behind actual selected folder
- Fixed bug in detecting ID3V2 tag version
- Fixed bug when changing the cache size on devices with less space remaining than the current cache size
- Fixed bug preventing Cell Streaming popup with cell streaming disabled

Please keep sending in your feature requests either direct to me or via this forum.