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AVSub 19.6 is out

Postby rich600 » Wed May 03, 2017 12:37 pm

Hi all

AVSub 19.6 is out now and as the following new stuff:

AVSub can now look into multiple sub-folders in one go. This works for downloading or queueing in the current playlist and there's a new option to directly play. It's all accessible by swiping on a media cell.

The number of subfolder levels that AVSub will look in is defined in the settings, and you can also tell it to ask you each time. This means that you can directly play all tracks from a given artist for instance (if that's how your music is organised). Or you could download the contents direct to the cache.

Also in this release:

- Improved the efficiency of the cache, especially for large caches
- Upgraded the Google Cast framework to the latest version (V3.4)
- Moved the Scan Subsonic Media Folders button to the top of the settings page
- Play from main menu suggestions when offline if cached files are available
- Added index letters to the cache
- Added Ignored-Articles processing to the cache

And some bug fixes:
- Fixed the bug where the lock screen didnt update
- Fixed the bug that stopped downloading of entire artist radio playlist
- Fixed the bug where the first 50 items were ignored in Get Media calls
- Other small bug fixes

Keep those feature requests coming in!

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