Help with moving from iSub to AVSub

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Help with moving from iSub to AVSub

Postby guptaas » Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:50 pm

I am a long term Subsonic user. Was using Subsonic 4.1 > transcoding to OGG > iSub on my phone very well all along. Decided to try Subsonic 6.1.3 and AVSub on the phone. Running into difficulties accessing my music the way I used to. I'm sure I'm missing solutions in plain sight somewhere.

Transcoding: My music is mostly FLAc's with a few mp3's. I wish to stream something close to a V0 VBR mp3. Gapless playback is occasionally required. Smart replaygain would be very desirable. All files have replaygain tags. Do I need to change the default mp3 transcode in Subsonic? My past OGG transcode which gave me gapless playback on iSub did not work with AVSub. This could be because of an updated ffmpeg.exe or AVSub. Tried toggling the OGG transcode patch switch in AVSub settings. "ffmpeg -v 0 -i %s -f ogg -vn -acodec libvorbis -ar 44100 -aq 6 -ac 2 -map_meta_data 0:0 -" AVSub just keeps on trying to load the file and never succeeds.

Cache: How can I see the cached music in a directory tree form? I would like to be able to play/shuffle a branch. Seeing cached albums only serves Landing straight into cached albums serves no purpose for me. They can be totally unrelated and there is thousands of them. I may just want to shuffle all the cached Reggae or just one artist inside that. Another problem is inability to see what is already cached while navigating media folders. That for me is a good start to playing, selecting or recalling something. I haven't seen anything in AVSub settings to highlight already cached songs.

Playlists: I want to use dynamic playlists made using tags e.g. a list of 200 random songs tagged Southern Soul {GENRE} and Summer [Occasion] with >3 Stars [RATING]. Until now I used Mediamonkey to generate and export a set of m3u playlists every 6 hours. Subsonic imported the m3u's the first time but never updated them. Would appreciate any help in a solution to either refresh m3u's from the playlist folder or auto generate new playlists from my tags including rating, mood, occasion, tempo, year, genre etc.

Genre/Artist/Album Art: I prefer my own images in each folder. What would be the best phone-friendly resolution and image size?

That's a lot of questions for one post. Will appreciate whatever help I can get with any of them.
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