AVCast (and new AVSub) is (are) out!

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AVCast (and new AVSub) is (are) out!

Postby rich600 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:25 am

Hi everyone,

AVSub now has a sister app called AVCast. It's a casting app for AVSub.

Read about it here - http://avsubapp.co.uk/avcast.html
It's on the App Store here - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/avcast/ ... 70419?mt=8

Using AVCast you can cast your audio media from AVSub to AVCast and it's lossless and gapless. It's a bit like a Google Cast device but for your iOS device (and did I mention it supports gapless). The idea is that many people have old iOS devices stuffed in drawers somewhere, and you can put AVCast on these devices and use them around your home to get multi-room audio.

AVCast support is built into AVSub directly - there is no in-app purchase required, however the AVCast app is £2.99 (cheaper than a Chromecast audio).

AVCast supports all the formats that AVSub does and will play 24/192 content (even DSD). It also supports cross-fade and Replay Gain.

It's the first version and undoubtedly has a few issues, but I've been using it happily for a little while now.

Please leave feedback here, or contact me via the website or through AVSub.

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