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SubFire Radio generator - feature coming soon

Postby acroyear » Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:17 pm

One of the reasons SubFire Radio is so fast is that it relies on saving and using the IDs of the assets it is referencing (folders, albums, playlists, artists, and music directories). As such, it is dependent on your database remaining stable and constant.

I'm currently working on an "export-import" feature that can help with the two worst-case situations for when you have records dependent on database sequence IDs.
  • You are moving or copying your server to a new machine (I've done it twice in the last 3 years)
  • You have to totally rebuild your server because of a database corruption issue (such those reporting issues from beta2 to 6.0 - a reason I've stayed with beta2 for a while now)

Basically, it will export the original JSON of the station, along with a cache of the objects it is dependent on (artist, music folder, music directory, album, playlist) primarily associating ID and NAME. This part is just about ready.

When I finish the import part (the more complex, of course), it will look at the ID in the generator and compare the database's name for that ID with the cache. If the two don't match, it will tell you and allow you to try to fix it (with suggestions if it can find any - same name same type can work for artist, artist-album, music folder, playlist; music directory will be much harder because by default a music directory fetch doesn't give you the parent, so the user will have to browse around to find it again.

I'm hoping to have this ready in the next couple of weeks so that it can be used to recover anything lost by accident when doing the 6.1 upgrade that we've been told is coming.

You'll still have to take responsibility for exporting your regular playlists and re-importing them yourself (and best do that before trying to re-import your stations if they're dependent on the playlists). I can't save everything. :)
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