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SubFire 2 collective upgrades...

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:47 pm
by acroyear
So lots of little upgrades to the suite in the last few weeks.

Base, Mobile 2 - Music Folder / Directory cards, clicking the play button will now start playing the album/folder. Clicking the whole card opens the contents as a list. (Album and Artist-Album will get this in the next major change).

Base, Mobile 2, Dash - Playlists view can now click a 'shuffle' button, and then clicking any playlist will shuffle the contents before playing.

All - there is now, in Base and Mobile 2, a remote controller that can play, pause, next, prev, shuffle, and skip to next album when controlling another player. It isn't perfect, and you have to be patient, but it is functional. All 4 players can receive it when they are accepting remote commands.

TV - when not on a TV, it uses the normal dialogs instead of the Android TV layout, I found on mobile devices, that layout was burying the content and difficult to work with.

TV - if you're idle on the main pages while it is playing, it will go back to the player mode after a minute.

Base, Mobile 2 - some new options for playing all albums under and artist, or all files under a music directory, from the main list instead of having to click into the list to get to it.

All - ServiceWorker is set to "skip-waiting", so when you reload soon after I've made an upgrade, it won't stick you with the old version the way it used to.

(use http:// if you don't have a secured server)

TV version is available on Amazon App store as SubFire Beta 2

Re: SubFire 2 collective upgrades...

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 10:47 pm
by acroyear
Firefox is not quite 100% parity with Chrome. Safari and PWA on IOS 12 is ok. I haven't tried IE nor Edge in some time.

Re: SubFire 2 collective upgrades...

PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:10 pm
by acroyear
The various apps are now up to Version 2 0.26.x. Here, I now support loading albums and artist-albums as a list of songs, with an extra 'play' button to just play the work outright, bringing the artist/album and album pages in parity with music directories. Albums can be viewed as a grid of covers or as a list, no matter where you are. The main point of this is to eventually support the full desktop player w/ playlist editor that I'm just about ready to start on.

The bookmarks and remote control systems were improved slightly to handle this change.

Also, i now show the album cover on the player in SubFire Dash, as well as faded as the background, and from the burger menu, you can start artist-album or music directory browsing.

Re: SubFire 2 collective upgrades...

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:15 pm
by acroyear
0.27.0 put out some incremental changes around minor bugs, especially in Mobile 2. Dash 2 now supports Artist-Album and Music Directory browsing.

Also, this morning I finally updated the home page with actual pages on the 2.X apps.

Current work in progress:
  • Album browsing for TV
  • Artist-Album, Music Directory browsing for TV
  • Documentation of the Remote Control process
  • Documentation of the 7-digit authentication mechanism
  • Documentation of the Progressive Web App system
  • Document the general Chrome launcher extension
  • Restoring the Artist/Album info system for TV (as an option)
  • The Desktop player with playlist editing, ability to star and rate, and more...

Re: SubFire 2 collective upgrades...

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:56 am
by acroyear
0.28.x - mostly upgrades of core components for security and stability.
  • Added down-arrows in the radio station page's categories headers to be able to skip without slide-scrolling.
  • Cleaned up and better balanced the mobile player 2 layout. Now, the buttons are centered, and the play queue actions are now in the song drawer instead of being an easter egg from tapping the cover. Tapping the cover will slide the main player buttons off to the left in order to give room for picture-in-picture, as I use that space to put google maps's popup while I'm driving.

The rest of the work of late is all behind-the-scenes structural to support making a drag-n-drop playlist editor. Slow going due to the day job, but it'll get there.