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SubFire M3 Update

Postby acroyear » Sun Jan 02, 2022 8:25 pm

I had a few issues with M3 that I was ignoring in trying to get M4 up to parity, but that's just taking too long due to work concerns and some new hackery*, so I went back and fixed some.

  • Loading from a bookmark is working again. I have no idea what I did that broke it or when it happened, I just fixed it.
  • No Network no longer blacks out the whole app's screen and forces a new login. It will instead just pop up a simple toast. The current file will keep playing until it can't, but usually being out of network is a short thing (like when I'm driving away from home and it flips from wifi to 4g). for secure servers. for insecure servers.

* I'm currently working on a 'song splitter' in ElectronJS. Load a large file and set the start/end times and tags and track names and it will split the file up (original is untouched) and ID3 tag everything if using mp3 (leaves the files alone if splitting to video). Uses ffmpeg in the background (though I've not configured it to use the one bundled with subsonic). I need it to break up concert DVDs ripped via handbrake when there's no audio download/cd available for the show.
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