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Lyrics link doesn't pull lyrics

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:48 am
by BrianDelShasta
I can't seem to get the lyrics link to actually pull song lyrics. I've verified the lyrics actually exist on the metrolyric site and it says its searching for the correct artist and title, but nothing seems to be displayed. Is this a common occurrence?
Thank you for any help.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:38 pm
by ike0000
I am having this issue as well. It acts like it locates the lyrics but nothing displays but the song title. When you search for something to test that isn't a song, it does say lyrics not found. Anyone have any ideas? It happens on multiple computers, multiple browsers. This worked fine before, and then quit a while back.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:40 pm
by sindre_mehus
I'll check it out. Most likely the metrolyrics html has changed so that the screenscraping doesn't work anymore.


PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:13 pm
by ike0000
Just an update to this: This one is pretty strange. Sometimes the entire lyrics do pull up on certain songs and other times other songs just the song and title with a short blank area where the lyrics should be and then the '(Lyrics by MetroLyrics)' where you can tell that the search completed but lyrics weren't displayed. This is what happens most of the time.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:37 pm
by sindre_mehus
Good news: I've fixed this in the upcoming release.


PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:34 pm
by ike0000
Anyone else having issues with lyrics again lately? The past week or so I get "No lyrics found." for everything. 3.5 beta and 3.5

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:10 am
by squipple
Yes, lyrics don't pull for me either. I thought it might be just my obscure music, but I tried some dave matthews, and it says 'no lyrics found'

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:51 am
by sindre_mehus
It works in 3.6, doesn't it?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:42 pm
by squipple
Oh, I'm on 3.5. Didn't want to upgrade to 3.6 til its stable.
Were there some changes in 3.6 that would make the lyrics feature not work in 3.5? If so, I'll just wait for 3.6. :)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:03 pm
by sindre_mehus
3.6 will be out shortly (a week or two), so you might as well wait.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:14 pm
I'm using version 3.6 (build 806) – February 1, 2009 and have never used an older version. The lyrics link does not work for me.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:47 pm
by hotfoot
Hi I'm using 3.6 same as RUDYSROOST ... no lyrics.

Great application BTW... Love Subsonic!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:07 am
by jonathanroz
It was working in 3.6 until just recently. Something changed with the lyric providers service that caused this to break.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:03 am
by evandena
Confirmed, does not seem to be working for me either. Tried on a multitude of songs.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 7:16 am
by sindre_mehus
It's fixed in the not-yet-released 3.7.