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Help with creating Playlists

PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:32 pm
by raydiognome
Problem Description:
I'd like to create playlists based on genres and or multiple genres to use and access in Sonos but cannot find anyway to do that other than to go into each "album" and select the tracks and then add them to a playlist. This is not really practical with hundreds of albums and thousands of songs
The shuffle play is OK but only works for for one genre or the whole library and is not an option in Sonos other than to shuffle the whole library.

Feature requests?
To have the ability to create "auto" playlists? Similar to how MediaMonkey does it and similar to the standard shuffle mode but with more than 50 tracks and more than 1 genre?
Ability to play an entire genre in Sonos
While I'm asking...Is it possible to increase the number of shuffle songs to a value over 50?

Playback Application and version: Sonos Version 5.3
Subsonic Version: 5.2.1 (build 4428) – March 4, 2015
Server Version: jetty-6.1.x, java 1.8.0_40, Windows 8 (99.2 MB / 145.0 MB)
Hardware Platform:Win 8

BTW, thanks for fixing my Sonos library 65K track limit issue with this excellent piece of software!
Temporary solution is to create the playlist in MediaMonkey and export. I then need to go in and edit the path to my NAS because MM is on a different PC then Subsonic and Sub couldn't use the mapped drive. I had to use the server path \\MediaServer\Music\.

Any help or future added features would be appreciated.