Workaround: Music/Coverart Fail to show up after scanning

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Workaround: Music/Coverart Fail to show up after scanning

Postby jelloir » Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:49 am

I installed version 5.2.1 (build 4428) on Debian Linux and found that Subsonic has a bug whereby it fails to show music and coverart in a folder if the folder existed before any/all files were added to said folder. An example of when this may happen is copying files up to a server where the connection is slow. In my case I was using rsync to upload my music collection to a cloud VPS from a slow internet connection.

To resolve this you need to force a mod time update on the folders and files.

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find /path/to/music -type f -exec touch "{}" \;
find /path/to/music -type d -exec touch "{}" \;

Could possibly just run
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find /path/to/music -exec touch "{}"  \;
but I was just testing.

For just hitting images you could use something like this.

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find /path/to/music -type f -iname '*[jp][pn][g]' -exec touch "{}" \;

This is a little tedious because if like me use use Rsync to backup your collection using Rsync's archive option -a, then it will have to update the mod time on the files. Having said that now it's running from my VPS I will probably only have to do this once.

Note to developers: I presume you are trying to make to scanning efficient, but perhaps include an option to "force" a scan and ignore previously excluded folders, or resolve the bug some other way you deem appropriate...


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