Problem playing videos on Raspien

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Problem playing videos on Raspien

Postby fatcat46 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:45 pm

I just installed subsonic on ,y raspberry pi. I can play music but not video's. I get video not found or access denied errors. Here is what the log shows:

[2015-04-13 12:12:35,141] WARN StreamController - Unknown duration for OLd Movies 1946 Fran thru 1969-2. Unable to estimate transcoded size.
[2015-04-13 12:12:35,180] INFO PlayQueueInputStream - admin listening to "captured video/OLd Movies 1946 Fran thru 1969-2.avi"
[2015-04-13 12:12:35,239] INFO TranscodeInputStream - Starting transcoder: [/var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg] [-ss] [0] [-i] [/media/mynas/Videos/captured video/OLd Movies 1946 Fran thru 1969-2.avi] [-async] [1] [-b] [2000k] [-s] [960x540] [-ar] [44100] [-ac] [2] [-v] [0] [-f] [flv] [-vcodec] [libx264] [-preset] [superfast] [-threads] [0] [-]
[2015-04-13 12:12:35,255] INFO InputStreamReaderThread - (/var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg) /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg: 1: /var/subsonic/transcode/ffmpeg: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

I am running subsonic version: 5.2.1 (build 4428) – March 4, 2015

i am not good ad linux so any detailed instructions to fix this will be greatly appreciated.

more info:

I use subsonic in my firefox browser to play music on a windows7 64bit machine to listen to my music and also Isub on my iphone 6+
Hardware is raspberry PI2
Version 5.2.1 (build 4428) – March 4, 2015
Server jetty-6.1.x, java 1.7.0_75, Linux (60.8 MB / 118.3

I don't know how to get the following info from the PI:

Java Memory Limit:
Problem Filename:
Output from ffmpeg -i: (If you open a command prompt and type 'ffmpeg -i <filename>' what is the output? Ideally put this in a "code" block)


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