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setRating API

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:44 pm
by dough10
i am attempting to implement a star rating system in my app with the setRating api. i have a couple questions about how this api works.

sample response
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artist: "Klute"
artistId: "90"
coverArt: "al-254"
created: "2013-10-06T16:01:55.000Z"
duration: 7235
genre: "Electronic"
id: "254"
name: "The Emperor's New Clothes"
song: [{id: "3924", parent: "3903", isDir: false, title: "We Control the Vertical",…},…]
songCount: 20
starred: "2015-04-05T13:38:25.286Z"
year: 2007

first: when setting a rating for a album which id should i use? the id for querying album details, id for querying album art, or id for downloading a album zip? so with the album details posted above would the id of the album when calling setRating be 254, al-254, or 3903? i have tried all and see no change in my response. got error response with al-254

second: i am working in id3 mode so querying a album list with getAlbumList2 method. shouldn't the rating be returned with that request? i am not seeing it in the response anywhere also not seeing a rating in the response code above.

third: ratings and favorites seem to be on a per app basis. if i star a album in my app the album doesn't appear in the starred subcategory of web UI for the same user. is this correct?

subsonic version: 5.2.1 (build 4427)
server OS: FreeNAS- (2bbba09)
request format: json

edit: by looking @ the web UI i can see that the id for setRating is the song parent id. for the above example that would make the id required to setRating would be 3903. that leaves me with my second question where can i find the user rating for a album in response? i can not find in getAlbumList2 method or getAlbum method.