modified playlist application android / pc

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modified playlist application android / pc

Postby renfyld » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:34 pm

Hello everyone . Already know that I am sorry for my bad English. I will try to make myself understood.
I am looking for how to modify a playlist created on the pc interface (web) in the android application.
When I'm in the Android application I can record songs in a playlist, but I can not add other music later. It offers no choice, the android application creates a new playlist each time.
And I would like to know if the opposite is possible. Create a playlist on android and edit in the pc (web).?

Thank you for your help
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Re: modified playlist application android / pc

Postby G8DHE » Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:15 pm

Playlists are only simple text files, open them in a simple text editor (Notepad in windows) and alter as required.
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M:\Music\E\Enigma\MCMXC a.D\01-The Voice Of Enigma.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enigma\MCMXC a.D\02-Principles Of Lust.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enigma\MCMXC a.D\03-Callas Went Away.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enigma\MCMXC a.D\04-Mea Culpa.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enigma\MCMXC a.D\05-The Voice & The Snake.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enigma\MCMXC a.D\06-Knocking On Forbidden Doors.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enigma\MCMXC a.D\07-Back To The Rivers Of Belief.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Lord of the Rings soundtrack I The Prophecy.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Lord of the rings soundtrack X The Council of Elrond [Enya].mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Enya - Braveheart Theme.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Celtic Fiddle.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Enya - Matrix Theme(Techno Remix).mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\enya - from where i am (instrumental).mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Scotland the Brave.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack - Enya - May it Be.mp3
M:\Music\E\Enya\Enya - Silent Night (in Irish) Christmas.mp3
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