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Subfolder does not appear in DB

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:12 pm
by klingenstein1
Hi to all!
Several years now I use subsonic. Actually the latest release 6.5.??? in nas DS415.
All is well - besides: sometimes new folders added to the main folder are not existing. say CD is mainfolder. Added to this are many subfolders. Now a new is added: "bla" containing data*.mp3. This folder and the containing file(s) do not appear in the DB. Why? A day later I add 5 CDs. All this subfolders and all containing files are present. But not the above named "bla". OK! I pick this folder "bla" and put it with the files under an existing subfolder. It appears in the DB. I get crazy. You see: in first step under mainfolder "CD", folder "bla" is not available. When I put it deeper in the data structure it appears in DB.
Any idea why? There are no curios characters in the name. I tried all: renaming, deleting, new installing. No chance. This problem is not often. But it happens from time to time and it's annoying. All folders, I do not check for beeing healthyly arriving in DB are vanished for use with subsonic. I don't know how many over the years. Attention: in the dataexplorer of NAS or WIN they are there. And playable! But not in subs....DB

It would be nice, to get an idea. Somebody has help?


Re: Subfolder does not appear in DB

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:32 pm
by klingenstein1
horrible scenario for me: nobodoy cares for my problem!
My solution why, no.1: I am so inconceivable stupid with my question, anyone is disgusted by it :?: No answer at all! :evil:

My solution why, no.2: it is a problem that in milky way, nobody ever heard about :?: We are working at the solution, very hard!! :oops:

You do me a great favour to inform me: is it point 1? or is it point 2?

Or: hello admins(!!) - that has nothing to do with subsonic :oops:

Kindest regards