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how to move subsonic to a new c-Drive/ Win7

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:17 pm
by pkilly
Hi all,

as I've recently upgraded my PC with a new Win7 intstallation an new SSD HD as c-drive I planned to avoid scanning of 1TB of music and to move subsonic database.
Unfortunately I failed so far.

What I did:
[*]Installed new subsonic instance on the Win7/c-Drive
[*]moved/overwrite all files from existing installation/former c-drive to new folders/new installation/instance

When I try to access subsonic via http://localhost:4040 I still face a blank version (login) with no userrelated other than admin/PW:admin and an empty db. Former users used for db so far don't work.

Whar do i need to check or adapt (registration?) in order to be directed to my old db which I've moved with the former useres already setup and working?

Is there a simple way or do I need to rebuild the db by investing hours scanning for music on my other drives?