Webclient not streaming whole song

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Webclient not streaming whole song

Postby cdetroye » Fri Jan 08, 2021 2:55 pm

Hi all,

Whenever I stream a FLAC song in Subsonics webinterface, it doesn't completely stream the entire song. It works fine for mp3s.

Assuming a FLAC song of 8:33 minutes.

When I press play in the webinterface I can see the player flashes 8:33 as the duration (on the player), and then when the transcoding starts it shows 2:05 (or so). When 2 minutes or so have played, a new chunk of the song is loaded and the player shows 3:37 (or so). And this goes on.
The problem is that usually around 3 minutes of song loaded, the player stops fetching the rest and goes to the next song as soon as 2:55 minutes have passed.


I have transcoding enabled for the webplayer with the following command:
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ffmpeg -i /var/music/Folk/Bob Dylan/Desire/09 Sara.flac -map 0:0 -b:a 320k -v 0 -f mp3 -

Subsonic 6.1.6 (build 0cfa60) – November 10, 2019
Ffmpeg version 3.2.15-0+deb9u1
Firefox 84.0.1


I noticed that when I disable transcoding for the web player (which works apparently for FLAC files) it works as expected, and immediately loads the entire song.
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