https protocol error

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https protocol error

Postby jarome » Sat Nov 27, 2021 5:25 pm

Starting yesterday (after updates on mu OpenSUSE LEAP15 server), I can no longer connect to my subsonic server except using Firefox or Safari. This is also on different platforms with Edge, Chrome, Chromium, Opera.

My Subsonic server throws a SSL protocol error on all browsers except Firefox and Safari.
6.1.6 (build 0cfa60) – November 10, 2019
It failed on Edge, Google Chrome, Vivaldi.
I have made no changes to my Let's Encrypt certificate or to Subsonic. Firefox says all is OK and the Cert is Valid. Edge says no certificate was presented.

"This site does not have a certificate.
Because this connection is not secure, information (such as passwords or credit cards) will not be securely sent to this site and may be intercepted or seen by others."

I attach the Firefox parsing of the certificate.

It is not the client platform. It dies on MacOS, Windows 11, and Leap 15.3 (localhost).
SSH works.

What SSL stack is subsonic using? OpenSSL does not seem to be able to use TLS 1.3
it does not seem to want to speak tls 1.3.

openssl s_client -connect
... fails ...

openssl s_client -connect -tls1_2

... only this works

-tls1_1 does not
-tls1 does not
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