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timed out.......

Postby agonynine » Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:55 pm


I've recently installed Subsonic v3.0 beta 2 and Tomcat v6.0 to my home PC. Everything works fine on my internal network using WinAmp as my player, but I'm experiencing problems when trying to stream to my work PC.

Either I receive 'Timed Out' messages in WinAmp, or the song will start to play fine but then cut out and buffer (or fail to buffer).

My MP3s are 64kbps, my Winamp streaming data buffer is set to 256kb, streaming prebuffer at start set at about 50% and about 25% after buffer underrun.

Are there any settings in Tomcat or Subsonic which I should be tweaking? Apart from the session timeout value in the Tomcat web.xml it's hard to see anything else that might be relevant.

What is quite interesting is that I also receive the same problems when I try to stream from my colleagues Subsonic installations, could it be a setting on the PC I'm trying to stream to?

Many thanks for your help!

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