where's the installation documentaion?!

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where's the installation documentaion?!

Postby christopher94523 » Thu May 10, 2007 8:23 pm

First off, what's with all the spam in the Help and General forums?! Okay, rant is over.

My question is this. Where is the documentation for installation and invocation? I see only marketing talk on the web pages and cannot find install guides for Linux RedHat, i.e. how to set it up on my host server. All I got from the zip were the following: README.TXT, LICENSE.TXT, subsonic.war files.

What's entailed in adding it to my XHTML/CSS (strict) files?
How do I set up for movie and audio streaming?
I saw the way to access it but accessed with "stream" is for the client.
What do I need to do on the server side?

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Postby PT » Tue May 15, 2007 8:19 pm

The following cover the requirements:


make sure you're running java 5.0 or upgrade
install tomcat - should just unpack and startup.
check tomcat is working (http://localhost:8080/)
Stop tomcat
copy the war file into the webapps directory of tomcat
Start tomcat
Check subsonic is running http://localhost:8080/subsonic/ (make sure you include the trailing slash). Note, this might take a while on startup - perhaps a minute or so...

From here, it'll run fine.

XHTML/CSS files - not sure.
movie streaming - not sure. Audio streaming will just work and you'll find it all makes sense once subsonic is running.


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