Opera browser caches track list view to cleverly.

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Opera browser caches track list view to cleverly.

Postby kdid » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:29 pm

Note that this bug I have only seen on the Opera browser on *one* machine. On a different machine I do not see the problem. It might be the Opera version I have that differ. I have problems on 9.51, but not on 9.61. Hmmm. But on another machine with 9.61 I also have problems. I will try to upgrade to see if the problem goes away. - I upgraded to 9.63, but the problem still exists.


Senario: Add an album gradually to the music library by for instance using MediaMonkey to convert flac files for a whole album into a new album folder in your music library.

After the first song have been converted you use the Opera browser to display the album by selecting the artist and album in the music library browser.

You will now see the first song be listed in addition to the next song that is partially done. This is correct.

The problem is that after all songs have been converted and you then try to go into the album folder again with the same instance of the Opera browser, then the newly added files is not shown. If you open IE and go to display an album in the same way, you will see that all songs is displayed correctly at all times.

If you close the Opera browser and then open it again, and go to display the album again, then it will be listed completely.

The same problem exists for the album list for an artist. If you open an artist you will get all albums listed. If you add a new album and click on the artist again, then the new album will not be listed.

Looks like it is a Opera browser caching problem.
-- kdid
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