Ability to stream without requiring user log in and more...

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Ability to stream without requiring user log in and more...

Postby mahender » Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:55 pm

This web app appears to:

a) require that users log in before they can stream music (requirement of login is also stated on the website). Once I create a stream and start a player, I should be able to share that with all on the internet without requiring them to log in. Web app authentication is different from the stream authentication anyway and this web-app does not appear to offer stream authentication (stream authentication for http streams is supported by players like vlc and winamp which pop up a dialog box to enable the listener to provide these credentials)
[update: this is perhaps doable by a url like <hostname:post>/stream?player=<playerID>, basic authentication for stream URLs though is not there I think

b) offer no way to hide everything on the web UI except the music playlist being streamed. For example, I do not want to share my music collection with certain users, but I want to allow them to be able to play the playlist I have streamed.
[update: perhaps they need not login at all (if they use xmms/winamp), they can perhaps use <hostname:port>/stream?player=<playerID> if they want to listen to the current position in the playlist or <hostname:port>/stream?playlist=<playlistID> if they want to play the playlist from the beginning. Things in angle brackets will need to be communicated to them by me...

c) use a different player for every single listener out there. Either I have misunderstood it, or this architecture can be improved upon. But then again, strangely, I can listen to other people's streams if I use xmml/winamp (but if I use VLC or rhythmbox, I get html code instead of music!). Players should be shareable, in other words, streams which are playing should be shareable - this is point a) restated
[update: I think that players are shareable indeed]

d) does not offer delegation of authentication - e.g., if I use apache httpd proxying to access this webapp, I still have to log in even if I used an authentication scheme from apache (or, if it supports user forwarding from apache httpd to itself, not authenticating the user, then that needs to be documented; also, the ldap provider can then instead of asking for the credentials just retrieve a role list from ldap for that user ID, and if no role is found, there should be a default role assigned (typically a listener role)

e) does not offer a listener only role, e.g., if I visit something like (this is hypothetical) http://localhost:8080/subsonic/users/admin - that should list all streams being played by admin, and by clicking on a hyperlink pertaining to a stream, I should be able to get the .m3u for that stream for that user (this is a way to share the streams currently being played; the streams should be directly accessible too, using a url like http://localhost:8080/subsonic/users/admin/hits, where hits is the name of a playlist being currently streamed by admin.
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