Bug: Incorrect last.fm behavior

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Bug: Incorrect last.fm behavior

Postby bombtrack » Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:38 pm

Firstly, big thanks for the updates and all the hard work. I love Subsonic. I have one bug I would love to see fixed.

The last.fm integration is incorrect. Tracks are scrobbled almost immediately upon play. You can play 5 seconds of each track on an album and it will show you have scrobbled the entire album.

From the last.fm API docs (http://www.last.fm/api/scrobbling#when- ... a-scrobble)

When is a scrobble a scrobble?
A track should only be scrobbled when the following conditions have been met:

The track must be longer than 30 seconds.
And the track has been played for at least half its duration, or for 4 minutes (whichever occurs earlier.)
As soon as these conditions have been met, the scrobble request may be sent at any time. It is often most convenient to send a scrobble request when a track has finished playing.

The iSub iOS app does not suffer from this issue. It updates the "Now Playing" and only scrobbles after playback meets the criteria.
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