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API or cloud tags

PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:04 am
by gx
Hi All

Firstly thanks for the great pruduct.

I have a vast music library, according to subsonic:
4,562 artists
5,248 albums
41,838 songs
199.84 GB (~ 3,104 hours)

OK so its not that big but it is above average...

My main problem is browsing around, one thing I thought may be a tag cloud that has become very popular.

If there is an API I can use to get the data I dont mind giving a crack at the coding myself.
I thought that clouds can be based on the following:
plays (number of times they keyword has been played),
finds (number of times the keyword has been searched),
occurrences (number of times the keyword appears in file/tag etc)

I have already found a javascript to generate the tag cloud, now all I need is to use an ajax call to retrieve the tags and their rating.



PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2009 9:44 pm
by hiphutch
Something like this would be extremely useful. Even something like pulling automatically the tags from using the api to grab their tag cloud. Something along the lines of being able to choose how many tags and how much the tag weighs. An artist on can have any number of tags, and the tags for each artist are sorted by weight or relevance.

For example, the Artist Cher, would have tags of pop (100), female vocalists (71), 80s (47), dance (41) ,rock (27), etc.


That way if someone is looking at Cher, they could click on female vacalists and pull up all other artists that have the same tag, sorted by relevancy/weight.

PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 4:57 am
by gx
Yes I suppose pulling from lastFM would be a posibility, however I am more interested in pulling from subsonic db i.e. list of files

Thanks for the response hiphutch