Actual Individual Artist/Song Embedded ART in Android App

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Actual Individual Artist/Song Embedded ART in Android App

Postby MacTech » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:33 pm

I would really like the phone Android App to show the Embedded Art that each song has and NOT the Art from just the first song.
I have 6,000 songs in 1 folder, each with a different embedded art picture, and THOSE are what I want to see when the song is playing.Individually.Different.
Right now, each song has the exact same art when playing in the phone App, which is the art associated to the Folder all the music sits in, which is embedded in the folder and also embedded in a/the first song {a blank .mp3} in the folder.
This would be a simple "IF, THEN, ELSE" command in any programming language.
"IF the song has embedded art, THEN show it, ELSE, show the containing folder art."

So just tell me how much I have to pay to make this happen. As Soon As Possible PLEASE.

I have also seen and read through hundreds of this type of request posted in the last 2-3 years, MANY don't even have any responses from the App Owner.

Would be really nice if the Programmer/Owner would at least read and respond to these "Wish List" item posts.
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Re: Actual Individual Artist/Song Embedded ART in Android Ap

Postby Immanuel » Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:24 am

to the last point:
yes it is really sad, because its such a nice project.
I think we should ask for a statement directly to the owner.
He has a twitter profile, maybe there is an email contact enywhere:

We are paying customers and want a clear statement about what is going on.

-What are his planes, will he continue the development?
-What will happen with us and all the work done before?
-If not, make it open source?
-need support?
-to expensive?
and so on...
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