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Play Count Settings

Postby 3R3 » Wed May 13, 2009 2:52 pm

It would be great if Subsonic could be set to include/exclude the playcount value from other audio players (foobar, etc) that use their own playcount plugin/functionality.

In foobar for example, the plugin writes a "play_count" / "play_counter" tag, with the value being updated +1 with every play, to the file being played. I dont know if this would be practical, the way Subsonic handles it now, but it sure would be nice. As it is now, users with this scenario (me^^) are amassing two playcount-data-statistics, one inside Subsonic and one in the standalone player (foobar, etc...) with no practical way to make any sense out of both.

link to the foobar plugin, with info about the tags: ... _playcount
the other playcount plugin, some info and source code:

other than that, thanks for this great app!

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