Configure random album list refresh

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Configure random album list refresh

Postby demodulated » Thu Jul 23, 2020 1:14 pm

The default page shown when a user logs in is an automatically-refreshing list of random albums. In my opinion this has two problems:
  1. The delay between refreshes may be too frequent or infrequent for the user to choose an album
  2. Leaving this page open prevents the server's hard drive from going to sleep
I request that the refresh rate be configurable in the following ways:
  • Let the administrator configure a default refresh rate for all users, including forbidding automatic refresh of random albums
  • Let the user configure a default refresh rate for their own random album list, omitting any administrator restrictions
  • In addition to the above, make the default album list page something other than random to avoid unnecessary load on the server hard drive
Does anyone else have any thoughts on this proposal?
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