What about back and inner covers?

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What about back and inner covers?

Postby pr1nc1p3 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:30 pm

What do you think about the posible to add an infinite number of images for album?

For example:

One for front cover -> folder.jpg
One for back cover -> back.jpg
Infinite for other things like inner books -> book-1.jpg , book-2.jpg ...

Personally, I prefer ther is a better file system order:

One for front cover -> Name_of_disk_[FrontCover].jpg
One for back cover -> Name_of_disk_[BackCover].jpg
Infinite for other things like inner books -> Name_of_disk_[Inner-1].jpg ...

Of course with a folder.jpg for the file system but we must remember that behind the subsonic interface we can construct a perfect fusion of music and image.

Thank's for subsonic, it's a wonderful development work.
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Postby kdid » Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:01 am

I also like to see support for multiple images per album.

To be able to easeli look at a albums back side for details would be very helpful.

I assume you could do that just by adding links to the other images below the album image when a album is shown. All that those links would to was to show the image just like the album image is shown when you click on it.

As a shortcut you could just list the other images in sorted order. Then people can arrange the images in the order they like just by modifying the image names.

Or maybe you instead could show miniatures of all album images underneath each other, that would be great. :)
-- kdid
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Postby flacflac » Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:58 pm

Good point, kdid, however...:

I too keep scans of booklets and inlays, yet I do see some difficulties in implementing this feature:

Let's say you scan at 300dpi and keep your files as lossless PNGs or even as high-quality JPGs, you're looking at file-sizes of 2-5MB per picture, with an average of 5-10 pictures per album. Loading this for each folder puts a huge strain on the system, especially when serving multiple users.

Any ideas on circumventing this problem?

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Postby pr1nc1p3 » Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:58 pm

A easy and simple solution:

Not is the same the high-quality-scans Vs. the preview of a photo.

folder.jpg (Special file system file for customize folders ) must be a little version of the scans (high resolution covers) and the photos doesn't load if the user don't wanna see them.
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Postby kdid » Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:03 am

Remember that subsonic should make small thumbnail versions of all album art, so just browsing an album will not make large image files be transferred. Only if you click the thumbnail of a large image file, you will transfer the file.

That said. Sindre could use what he already have to make the texisting thumbnails and put in some code to 'transcode' large images, either based on resolution or on file size, so that the transferred image is of a lower, but aceptable quality.

In the Prefrerences->General settings, he could add this:

Transcode images with size larger than [ 500] Mb.

Reduce images to width [1000] and height [1000]

Maybe have:
Use level [ 5] jpeg compression.

If the two first settings is all zero, then no transcoding will take place.

This was a solution that require some work to code in.

You could instead only accept jpg images, and then let the subsonic administrator make smaller versions of the images to be used with Subsonic. Combined with a setting in Preferences->General to only list image files that is smaller than a certain treshold, that could be usable.

Personally I would prefer the transcode solution, then it is easy to adjust image size if you get a different speed on your Subsonic servers internet connection.
-- kdid
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