Artist names containing a - only list from one folder

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Artist names containing a - only list from one folder

Postby kdid » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:57 am

In my collection I have multiple folders with music. Each folder is listed in the music library page. The music in these folder is sorted by where the music comes from. So I have one folder with music that I have ripped myself from my own CD collection. I have other folders that contains backups of some of my friends music and other folders containing music from other places.

My problem is that I have two folders that have the artist "A-Ha" in them, and only the albums from the first folder is listed! None of the albums in the other folder is listed.

First I thought it might be due to different case used in spelling. E.g. "A-Ha" vs "a-ha", so I renamed them to be equal (should have been done in the first place) but that did not cut it, so I...

Removed the hypen from both names so that the names was "AHa". By doing so I was able to make albums from both folders show up in the list.

That said. When only albums from one folder was listed, I still could search for "A-Ha" and get listed all songs also from the hidden folder. I also could select the folder for where I knew the other A-Ha albums was listed and get up a list of the reminding albums.

I do not know what other non standard characters what would provoke this same bug. I tried & and _, but they worked wine. Maybe the hypen is special.

Edit: Corrected spelling mistake "a.ha" to "a-ha".
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Postby 3R3 » Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:13 pm

maybe this behaviour (sp?) is just the index creation being slow/lazy. wait a few days (max.) and the actual library (the one accessible through the search function) and the index should be consistent.

the different spelling has no real impact on the index, other than that it affects which folders get indexed first and which ones have to wait (for some reason) a day or 2 until they appear in the index.

at least in my case the "missing" folders appered later on, could you check if they do so too in your case?

And no, refreshing the search index by hand (in settings) doesnt doesnt change that behaviour, neither does clearing cache/cookies or restarting the server...

@sindre: this is something that makes for a big confusion among users, wouldnt it be worth a look from you?
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Postby kdid » Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:11 pm

Hm. I did not think that would be related. The two folders with the A-Ha artist have not been changed in months, so if a couple of days wait would fix it, then it should had been fixed many months ago.

That said. I just renamed it back to "A-Ha" and now it list just fine. Strange thing. Oh well. I have no idea what did fix it though.

I guess the case is closed. :shock:

-- kdid
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