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Lori's Top 10! ~

Postby ljmatis » Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:22 pm

I got fed up with Jinzora this weekend over non-working features, broken links, and nobody seems to be working on the program anymore. Some buttons appear to have been broken for over a year. I found Subsonic and I’m testing it now with my friends and kids. It’s a very nice program and I’m sold on the mobile feature, it was beyond easy to get too, load up my playlists and create new ones and I skipped the beta player and download M3U playlists to my GSPlayer. Only feature I’m going to miss is streaming Jukebox to Icecast at work for co-workers that are into the same music. I guess I will have to give them a log in and they can make their own lists. I’ve compiled a list of “nice to have” features that I’ve gotten spoiled with from Jinzora. I understand some of these features are probably complicated, but they are nice. I still have Jinzora loaded up so if you would like to see screen shot examples I would be happy to post them.

1. Playlists should be associated and accessible with user only (don’t want somebody accidently deleting or adding to my playlists)

2. Ability to set default album per page in personal options( 5= laptop screen small 20=desktop computer which is using a TV)

3. Wording below album (artist & album) would be nice to have link on artist to see all albums from that artist.

4. Would be nice to have a gene view somewhere, maybe at bottom of left navigation bar instead of alphabet on the top and bottom (make top alphabet stationary), maybe a link across the top with (Random|Newest|Highest rated ext…)

5. Love the lyrics link when song is playing, consider adding an artist link that pops up an artist picture & description.. from rhapsody or yahoo (rhapsody seems to have better info) or add it in on the Artist view as an embedded block.

6. Donation Add: annoying and effective! Let me make a suggestion, add a block for similar artists that links to Amazon (you get click through $ of course) It’s useful, I will always continue to buy more MP3’s, no need to remove it if it’s a useful feature which means more funds for Sindre & Subsonic. Always leave the link below log in/out and add that same link to bottom of similar artist block.

7. Somebody mentioned option to turn off chat and add scroll (ditto on those request) And add a quick link for admin to edit or remove these.

8. create random play list: include most played songs & newly added songs for choices.

9. Stat or “top chart” link that shows most viewed, played, downloaded, new, albums/songs/artists.

10. Detachable player still in mini mode so my boss don’t have to look at album covers and website when I have to pause the player to hear what he is saying. Rob Zombie’s album covers are pretty creepy and they already think I’m off my rocker, no need to add fuel to the fire!

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Postby sindre_mehus » Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:11 pm

Hi Lori,

Welcome to Subsonic and thanks for your many great suggestions!

I hope to address at least some of these in later releases. I would say that these are most likely to be implemented first: 7, 2, 1, 8.

Thanks, Sindre
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Postby oxide[NL] » Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:13 pm

got some also :P

1. Dont show folders than doesnt contain any music files
2. Dont show folders that are empty
3. if album art is missing and discogs match is 100% auto create album art ( optional from advanced search options )
4. if .mp3 is less than 300kb dont list it
5. a bar that shows how far subsonic is with indexing new albums or a ETA
6. if subsonic looses connection with WAN, show a warning sign ( running local ) or something like that
7. just like Utorrent a "check port " weblink ( saves time :P )
8. if album containes " dmx - the rain.mp3
dmx - the rain (2).mp3
Only list dmx - the rain

sindre,... i also got a idea,.
i think it would be great to get the community more involved
for example, give them the tools / info need to create a new theme
the best theme winning, will get a serial for free ! ( something like that )
everybody loves a little competition , and it saves you work xD
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