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better random

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 4:49 pm
by coco
better random function!?

random by category would be very nice!

(i have mult. music folders which is sorted)

better random

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:26 pm
by csoldfield
Random by genre would be nice.

Eg. Random = Rock OR Jazz AND NOT Classical

thanks, Clive

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 9:17 am
by blarsen

Since Subsonic doesn't seem to have anything in way of genre support, I've sorted my music categories on a folder level (Jazz, Classical, World, Prog Rock, The Horrible Stuff My Kids Listen To, etc)

It would be great to be able to do random display/playlist generation on the currently selected folder, rather than on all folders. Especially because of the kids' stuff.