Improve playlists support.

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Improve playlists support.

Postby kdid » Tue Jan 02, 2007 12:05 pm

First I will say that you have a very nice bit of software here. Thanks a lot for all the work you have put down into it.

I have a couple of requests:

1. I would like to see an option to let users administer their own playlists. All playlists should be possible to use by all users, but only the playlist owner should be allowed to change or delete it. The playlist owner could allow specific users to add / remove music to specific playlists. Currently my fear to allow others to make playlists is that they accidentally could delete existing playlists. I know that it could be solved by doing regular backups of the playlists.

2. I would like a feature to Add a playlist to the existing playlist. Currently you only can Open a new playlist so that it replaces the existing playlist. This will be the same as you already can do with artists, albums and tracks.

3. I would like a playlist to have one checkmark for each entry in the playlist. Then have buttons to Delete, Keep (opposite of Delete), Add (to playlist), Download the marked tracks.

Again thanks a million for this software.
-- kdid
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Postby kdid » Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:25 pm

Hi. I came to think on similar features related to playlists.

I also would like a feature where I can add single songs to an existing playlist. But not to the current playing playlist. Maybe this can be archived by adding a checkbox for each entry in the currently playing playlist and for each artist, album and song entry. You could then do your selection and select "Add to saved playlist". That would bring up a dialog in which you could select an existing playlist. The selection would then be added to the selected playlist.

While I am on it:
- It would be nice to be able to sort the currently playing playlist in Artist, Album and Song order.

- Also usefull it could be to filter the playlist to hide entries that is not duplicates. iTunes have that to help find duplicates in it's playlists.

I upgraded to 3.0 and I must say that I rarely see the google ads. Can I ask you what is needed for you to earn any money on this? Does it require users to click on the ads, or is it enough that they are shown? Or do it also require that the users also purcase stuff on the advertized sites?
-- kdid
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Postby sindre_mehus » Sun Apr 01, 2007 3:22 am


Thanks for your excellent suggestions. I'm sure at least some of them will make it into future releases. I definitely like the idea of having checkboxes next to the tracks (and possibly albums and artists), and performing operations (such as appending to saved playlist) to the selection.

Also, I 'll put some of the less-frequently-used commands into a combobox (like gmail does). Thus, the user interface won't be too crowded.

I'll add functionality for sorting the playlist, as you suggest.

About request 1 in your original post: I totally agree with you. However, since playlists are saved as external files it would be a bit cumbersome to implement. A better design would probably be to save the playlists internally in the database - that way it's easier to keep track of who owns them and who is authorized to change or delete them. On the other hand, I guess that would upset users who prefer to keep their playlists in a non-proprietary format (such as m3u). I guess I can implement import/export support, but still... Hm, I have to think more about that.

Finally, regarding the Google ads: Google pays a small sum whenever someone clicks on an ad, they also pay a microscopic amount for each page view, however it's so little that it's almost neglibible. (Actually, they don't disclose how much they pay for each kind of event). It is not required that the user purchases anything.

Happy Easter holidays!
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Postby matthew » Sun Sep 23, 2007 6:45 pm


I too, would like to this implemented as well. :)

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