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album/directory stats

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:33 am
by NAvAP
Now I know the say Subsonic is setup is that it grabs files in a directory structure without worrying about artists and albums, but for the people who do have their music sorted as Artist/Album/Track, or at least me, it becomes a pain not to be able to see any album stats.

Stuff like the year, duration, genre would be really nice to see when viewing an album. They can be enabled per track but that becomes a distraction and a waste of space if they're all from the same album.

I do also have a directory labelled "~" which contains random tracks, either new and untagged or tracks without albums. So if there was a filter, like the one to make shortcuts, to blacklist certain directorys that don't conform to the Artist/Album/Track convention and have the tracks in them list all their details because its more useful to see the albums alongside each track then.