Suggestions after first-time use

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Suggestions after first-time use

Postby TTTT » Wed Sep 26, 2007 4:54 pm

I just found out about Subsonic a day or 2 ago. It is what I have been looking for and real happy with it. I just have a couple of suggestions. Here they are:

1. Please add "Add Top 10" or "Add All" next to the titles of each category in the main page like Random, Newest, Highest rated. Then if I am interested in the music in that category, I can just click Add them to the playlist.

2. It would be great to see .wpl playlist file support. Even if it is just read-only. It could show in the place of shortcuts.

3. Please support Unicode display in the playlist and in Flash player.

4. I have some problems with search. I already updated the index but it seems sometimes cannot find the music I am looking for even if it shows in Subsonic. I am thinking it may not be searching by filename or doesn't support Unicode properly. Please look into it. Also, don't know if this affect the generate random songs as well.

5. Use flexible width in percentage for the main screen. It would be great if the albums can be shown by taking advantage of the white screen on the right when using wide screen monitor.

Lastly, I still haven't figured out how to use the Shortcuts yet, I will keep playing around with it.

Thanks for working on such a great program!
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