Randomness in Play Shuffle of Android App

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Randomness in Play Shuffle of Android App

Postby jol » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:43 pm

here are my observations and suggestions to that - all related to offline as server selection. Putting them all in one so you get the full context.
  • First of all, I observed that pressing the play shuffle on the home screen only shuffles once after the app was started, afterwards it does not shuffle but continue from where it stopped playing. I always need to exit the application to get it really shuffled. Imho it should always shuffle, if I want to continue I can go to the corresponding screen and press play there.
  • Second, I am wondering whether the selection is really random. Although I did not make any statistics, it looks like some songs are played more often than others, thus I am wondering whether the selection is really random. What I´d expect is that shuffle really picks songs at random out of all songs, making all songs equally likely. I guess Subsonic is doing differently, maybe it picks random folders, then within that folder again random, making songs in folders with multiple subfolders less likely than songs in a root folder with just one subfolder and song. (I know the Nokia Symbian music player had a similar issue and logic).
  • Third, the shuffled playlist only has something like 20 songs (roughly an hour), and then repeats all over. This is just not enough for long workouts or hikes. Ideally shuffle all songs in the cache, or allow more songs/time, and in any cases stop after playing the list instead of repeating.
  • Forth, sometimes I get bored by a song. I would love to see a prominent delete button on the playing screen. Right now I can only display the play list and remove it there, which only removes it from the "shuffled" list but not from cache - I really mean delete - if the remaining cache contents get all too boring I can reload online.
I really like the app, using it offline all the time during sports and while outside, and often at home using the jukebox feature. But even the best app can be improved.
Thanks & Best regards, jol
Subsonic 4.7 running on Acer H340 with LDAP authentication / Windows Home Server 2011 - Android client (3.5)
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