Support for mp3-streaming hardware clients

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Support for mp3-streaming hardware clients

Postby lor538 » Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:42 pm

First of all: congratulations for this program !!

The reason why I "stumbled" over subsonic was, that I am looking for a streaming server to stream audio to my hardware streaming clients (NOXON audio) in my local network. The device needs a simple "radio-broadcast" that is picked up and transfered to my amplifier system.

For this purpose, I am looking for a streaming server that is operated by a web-interface, because I would like to operate the server by a PDA / NOKIA 770 Internet tablet computer as a 'remote control'.

As I have learned from the threads in the help-section and my own tests, it is not possible to receive just a mp3-stream with a client, while its ip is not logged in via the web-interface. :(

This feature would be my wish for the further development. The same problem was already discussed in the help-section for the case of 'sharing' a mp3-stream with 3rd party listeners.

Definetely a missing feature for an 'easy listening' server!!

(Great program anyway) :)

Best regards from Christoph, Bochum (Germany)
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