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Re: Subsonic 5.1.beta1 released

Postby kargath » Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:13 pm

markusschloesser wrote:i think i've found the problem why starting with beta 5.1 i couldn't reach the subsonic instance anymore except from localhost (had the the same with beta 2):
"[1/13/15 3:45:01 PM CET] INFO NetworkService Deleted port mapping for port 4433"
does this refer to subsonic internals or windows firewall? both seem unlikely as upnp and "Automatically configure your router to all....." is disabled in subsonic

After adding a new (!) exception in the windows firewall rules, I can access everything fine again

I'm having the same issue, but even completely disabling the Windows firewall doesn't seem to resolve the issue. Have never had a problem with any other version up to present and I always manually configure my router for this type of thing. All of my other services are working including a second installation of an older version of subsonic.
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Re: Subsonic 5.1.beta1 released

Postby jarome » Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:01 pm

Two issues:
1. You never answered my start-up issue for OpenSuse 13.2
2. I have album art embedded in the tracks, but Subsonic does not seem to find it!
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Re: Subsonic 5.1.beta1 released

Postby GoOtterGo » Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:03 pm

sindre_mehus wrote:
GoOtterGo wrote:My only long-standing complaint:


Those up/down arrows really need to be turned into a dragable slider. Long playlists are a pain to shuffle tracks throughout.

Thanks for reminding me! I've added this now (drag and drop to rearrange playlists and the play queue).


This is beautiful, thank you so much! A few notes now that I've seen it:

1) There really should be an identifiable icon to signify tracks can be dragged, it's not immediately clear for those who aren't already aware they can. Maybe changing the cursor to the drag (Image) cursor? But that might bug people clicking, I don't know.

2) Dragging songs up to position 1 (or the top) doesn't always work. I think it's because the mechanic can't drag the below track "above" the first track, causing the first track to drop in position. Perhaps this is a browser issue, though (Win 7; Firefox 34.0.5)
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Re: Subsonic 5.1.beta1 released

Postby GoOtterGo » Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:07 pm

All-in-all, though, your last couple updates have been incredible. I'd love to donate more, frankly, if this is where the software's going. It's all very wonderful.
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