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Subsonic + Amazon Fire Tv best ever

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:07 pm
by chali

Though I should let you people looking for a "android tv" box, now that subsonic client + mx player work extremely good on the amazon fire tv.
In fact its the best combination i ever tryde. (i have tryde manyyyyyy diffrent android tv) its only 99$ instead of my other boxes thats more like 150-300$

The movie starts to play in less then 10 sec and you can instantly fast-forward without any delay, i have not tryde music only 1080p movies in h264.
The funny thing is, i hade this laying in the huse for a very long time, since i thort that it couldn't handel apk i never tryde it, just 4 days ago i order new android boxes hopping it would work better then the last one. So its a little bitter sweet to find this out now :-)

Hopefully someone reads this before they order yet another overpriced android box